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The methods of brushing teeth

Proper brushing is the most effective way to maintain oral hygiene, helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease. To remove the plates of bacterial soft Air Raids and residual nutrients, use the correct brush and paste the contents of fluorine in tune with the age.



... otherwise sealing grooves, it completely painless prophylactic treatment to fill in hollows and crevices present on surfaces of teeth chewing special substance (lakes). 

Chewing furrows on the surfaces of cheek teeth are a perfect place for outstanding residual nutrients and bacterial plate. Depth of grooves makes it practically impossible to properly clear. For these reasons, surface furrows chewing teeth are the most common place for the formation cariosity process.


Periodontium treatment

Inflammation of the gums and periodontium 

units treated Periodontics sickness. Periodontics should treat and prevent disease przyzębia. The causes of these problems may be different. Certainly alcohol and cigarettes, but also a number of disorders such as deficiency, or lack of vitamins, which prevent disease processes, as well as diabetes, hormonal disorders, abnormal secretion of saliva and diet.


Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy - a method of treatment of irreversible tooth pulp inflammation. Is amended by deleting the affected pulp chamber and canals of the tooth and filling in the appropriate material. 

Pulp is removed from the anesthesia in the channels, which are then disinfected and filled with gutta-percha. The entire treatment should take place in the magnification (under operating microscope) and under the control of radiation.

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